Friday, July 2, 2010

Shop Update July 10th at 11am PST!

Hello everyone!! I'm here! I'm alive! I've been swallowed by yarn!! Not really :)

Just wanted to announce that I'll be doing the first of several shop updates on July 10th at 11am PST. It's a Saturday, so mark your calenders now!

I will be doing this update differently so that more people have the opportunity to grab a skein or 2.

I'll be doing a large listing of 1 colorway and then will have several others with fewer skeins. But with 40-50 skeins of 1 color should give more people a chance to get atleast 1 skein. I'm also going to be asking that you limit the amount of each colorway you can purchase to just 2 skeins each (you can buy multiple colorways...just not 4-5 skeins of each. If that makes any sense.Any questions feel free to email me!) I will do refunds and restock the store accordingly if more than 2 skeins of a colorway are purchased. This will be annoying for everyone involved so I'm asking upfront to please not buy more than your share of each color. :) Make sense? This way more people can have a chance but each of you can still buy more than 1 skein if you want to do bigger projects.

I'll announce in a day or so what the colorways in this update will be. I'll be doing another colorway about a week later...but i haven't worked out the exact date yet. I'll update you all in here when I do!

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to come by the SHOP on Saturday the 10th at 11am!!