Saturday, December 1, 2012

New GothSocks Club Lottery Sign ups :)

Hi everyone!!!! I am opening up the lottery sign ups for everyone now that my past members have had a chance at their spots, now you all get a chance! Please read below for all the rules and info regarding the club as some things have changed: (Please read!!!! The signups for your lottery entry will be at the bottom of this blog post)

I will be restructuring the club just a wee bit to make it more manageable for me and to try and please the most amount of people I can with the solutions (me included!) 
The most major change is that I'm going to be moving to an every-other month club. This means that when the club starts in January 2013, you'll receive yarn in January, March and May. Resign ups will happen then for the next 6 months (3 installments). 

Also, this will be an ALL SELF STRIPING CLUB. No more one more of Gothlings. I am considering doing a Gothlings only club, but for now I'm going to stick with my passion and pride and joy which is GothSocks self striping yarn. 

I will be billing every 6 months (instead of quarterly) for the club and membership will now be perpetual for as long as you want to stay in. What this means is that the subscription to the club will be for as long as you want it. Payment will come out in full for each 6 month allotment. Payments will come out the same day as you signed up (First initial payment will come out when you sign up and then every 6 months until you unsubscribe) 

Each subscription will include the following -  3 self striping GothSocks yarns on a variety of luxury base yarns. These include Laudanum, Argyria, Iocane, and other similar yarns. I will be making these all premium bases that I think you all will love! 

You will receive a shipping notice when your packages are heading out the door each month. I'll touch base with you through newsletters to let you know little tidbits about what I'm working on without spoiling the fun! 

 A quick recap of club rules etc: (sign up links will be farther down this email. Please read the rules and info first before clicking through to sign up for a chance in the lottery) 

Rules are simple and are as follow: 

1. Please do not resell your club yarns on online market places like ebay for at least 1 year after you have received them.

2. Please do not resell your club yarns for more than the original purchase price in the GothSocks Groupies board on Ravelry. I can't stop you from reselling them on ravelry, nor am I asking you to do that. I am however asking that in the GothSocks forum to not oversell items that I sell. I don't mind trades, reselling for purchase price but in our boards please do not do this for more than you bought it. It is unfair to people that are buying the yarns and since it is a forum that is for GothSocks I feel this is a reasonable request.

3. I reserve the right to cancel club memberships and refund the purchase price as I see fit. I have never canceled anyone at all but have run into some similar issues recently and for various reasons feel like I do have the right to refuse membership if I feel it is warranted for any reason.

Basically, please be respectful of the work I've put into your yarns and respect others with reselling for not more than what you paid for.

OKAY! Made it this far!!! YAY!!! Here are prices and then your sign up for a chance in the club: 

US club subscription per quarter will now be $120 

Canadian subscriptions per quarter will be $122

International subscriptions per quarter will be $126 

WA state residents please add 9.5% sales tax. (Tax will not automatically be added through paypal and you will get a second invoice from me for it. Sorry about the inconvenience of but it's the only way I can make it work!) 

*IMPORTANT NOTICE* If you change your address anytime during the club or change your paypal information, email me directly. Paypal does not inform me of changes, only cancellations which can occur even when you are just changing your bank info. If you need me to mail your package to a different address, you must give me sufficient notice and email. If not, I will always send to the paypal address in your original subscription sign up.

PHEW!!!! Made it this far?? YAY!!! Now for the easy part. Just click on through below to sign up for a chance at your spot!!! Thanks again! 

SIGN UPS RUN UNTIL DECEMBER 15, 2012. You will be contacted Dec 16th with a sign up email with links if you are chosen by the random number generator!