Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Sept 25th Update yarns!

Hey guys! I just wanted to update you on colorways for this update. This is totally a GothSock only update and here’s what I have :

Laudanum base (MCN) Imma Bitch

Strychnine base (80/20 merino nylon): TARDIS, Ultimate Ginger, Don’t Blink

Asphodel base (merino light twist) Going Postal, Mad as a Hatter, When Life Gives You Lemons

See you guys at 9AM PST!!! in the SHOP.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Shop Update Saturday Sept 25th at 9am PST

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the GothSock lovin' on Friday! Everything will be shipping out over the next few days!

There is another shop update on Saturday at 9am. Thanks so much for looking and I'll post up colorways in a few days (mostly the same as last week!)

See you there!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Friday 17th Shop Update Colorways :

I’m also announcing new base names for yarns as well as the much awaited merino/nylon! The yarn base names are listed below the colorways included in this update! I’ll be posting in the other thread as well with all of my base yarns as well as all over the place over the next week so people know what I’m talking about :)

Colorways in this update are:


Imma Bitch in Laudanum base yarn
Going Postal in Asphodel base yarn
Ultimate Ginger (dark orange and light orange stripe) Strychnine base yarn
Don’t Blink ( Dark gray with light gray stripe) Strychnine base yarn
TARDIS (dark blue with light blue stripe) Strychnine base yarn

These are part of a line I’ve been pondering for a long time (not just all Doctor Who) self striping colors that are the same color family but one super saturated and the other a nice light color. (hope that makes sense!)


My Precious - Asphodel base
Ocean Deep - Asphodel base
Wicked - Asphodel base
Ember - Asphodel base


MCN fingering (OhMyGoth)- Laudanum
soft twist merino - Asphodel
merino/nylon - strychnine

I will be repeating the GothSocks in the next udpate as well and maybe a few more if I can warp them up in time.

Once we hit October I’ll be doing Halloween colorways with limited edition yarns and fun stuff!

Thanks for looking and tune in tomorrow at the SHOP at 11am PST.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Lottery Winners!

I have just sent out emails to all the lottery spot winners! Go check your email to see if you were one of the lucky few!

I appreciate all the interest and will hold another lottery after the next sign ups are done with available spots again (that will be at the end of November)

Thanks again!

Friday, September 3, 2010


Hi everyone! It's time! It's here! It's your chance to grab one of the few spots available in the GothSock Monthly Yarn Club!

If you'd like a chance in the lottery, I will be randomly picking names from the email list. You can enter your email just once. Multiple entries will not count, only one lottery spot per email address please.) Please click through the sign up link at the bottom of this post after you've read the club info!

ALSO NOTE: If you are already in my email contact list you will get taken to an "update your profile page" You should receive a thank you email shortly with a link to update your profile and you can chose to stay in the newsletter list and also join the lottery signup list. It's a weird glitch for current gothsock news email list subscribers only. If you don't already get the newletter you can also choose to sign up as well.

First up let's just recap a little about the club:

1. I will be billing quarterly for the club and membership will now be perpetual for as long as you want to stay in. (USA- $108, Canadian $110, International $114) What this means is that the subscription to the club will be for as long as you want it. Payment will come out in full for each 3 month allotment. Payments will come out the same day as you signed up (First initial payment will come out when you sign up and then every third month until you unsubscribe)

What this does is make it much easier for me to keep track of paperwork, and it also alleviates the need to keep signing up for you guys. You can stay in as long as you like!

2. Each quarter will include the following - 1 Black Striped GothSock, 1 Non-Black Striped GothSock and 1 Gothling. Each quarter will include at least 1 luxury base yarn. Luxury bases are the OhMyGoth Cashmere or the Gilded with Silver or something similarly posh! The other 2 months of each quarter will be an assortment of merino, BFL, or a surprise yarn base of my choosing. I will also be including swag from time to time but not every month. I want the emphasis to remain on the yarn itself.

I do try to get club yarns out the first week of the month. Sometimes this can't happen because of family and kids. I will *always* keep you notified if I'm running behind.

WA state residents please add 9.5% sales tax. (Tax will not automatically be added through paypal and you will get a second invoice from me for it. Sorry about the inconvenience but it's the only way I can make it work! I will be sending your invoices very soon after everyone has signed up. )
*IMPORTANT NOTICE* If you change your address anytime during the club or change your paypal information, email me directly. Paypal does not inform me of changes, only cancellations which can occur even when you are just changing your bank info. If you need me to mail your package to a different address, you must give me sufficient notice and email. If not, I will always send to the paypal address in your original subscription sign up.

So if you're interested in a chance at the few spots and have read the above info click through :

Sign ups are closed for the lottery and people will be receiving their email notices in a few minutes if they were one of the lucky few people!

Thanks again and I will be leaving this open until September 9th at 9pm PST (that's almost a week to add your email address!).
Multiple entries will not count, only one lottery spot per email address. Spot openings will then be picked by random number generator and winners of the openings will be emailed on Sept 10th with sign up links and info.

Any questions feel free to email me at Thanks again!