Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another day, another Goth!

After fighting our way over mudslides, swimming across flooded streets, and crawling past crumbling driveways, we made it in to the dye studio this weekend. Hurray! The result of all our efforts are some dazzling GothSocks. We played with the saturation of some our old favorites and came up some new colorways to boot! Sorry but our pics are not up to their usual snuff. Something wonky about blogger's uploader today.

Please have a look at MommyGoth pictured below. It is a new colorway. In its Etsy listing we describe it thusly - "The color portion of this skein is a sweet mix of blues, pinks and yellows. And, while they sound like the tradional colors for babies, do not mistake these shades for sweet innocents. These hues are light but come on strong. A perfect choice for the Goth mom or mother-to-be. Forget-me-not blues blend with lemony yellows and blushing pinks to create accent shades of peach and lavender. Bright as a freshly pinched cheek!"

This is Nereid, a magickal mix of sea greens, blues and hints of kelpy green and gold. A little like Old Gregg's hair!

This is a new version of our Elegant Gothic Lolita. We lowered the intensity for this one, a subtle harmony of lilacs, lavenders, and berry pinks. Is that a hint of wisteria blossoms in the air?

This is our most recent version of DitzyGoth. This one is more intense than usual and we LOVE the results. It is an even dizzier rainbow of purple, turquoise, green, red and pink.Next, have a look at the latest release of Steampunk. We dialed up the color again and got an even more sophisticated orchestration of olive, rust, steel gray and deep green.

Wouldn't be a dye day without a MopeyGoth! This is a revamp of one of our originals. Softer and moodier in tones of smoky purple and heather. Perfect for visiting Whitby Abbey in the rain.

Finally, we are hosting the return of the Madam of the Midway, our Gypsygoth! Purpley magentas, creamy sandalwoods, and lighter maroons remind us of the fortune teller's tent at your favorite carnival. No cameras! No knives! No holy water!

We are cooking up plans for a fiber and a yarn club in the near future. Should we start a mailing list?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh, you pretty things!

Please take a look at our new line of yarns, Pretty Boys. The yarn is very similar to our Kira Kira yarns but has a titch more silk and a touch less silver. The glitter is subtle but still lovely! The yarn has a dense and silky handle. The colorways are inspired by our favorite transmen, transwomen, transvestites and drag queens from film, fiction and real life We love them!
First up is Hedwig. “How did some slip of a girly boy from communist East Berlin become the internationally ignored song stylist barely standing before you?” We don’t know but we are sure it has something to do with being a drop dead gorgeous bleach blonde belle laide. This skein screams unnatural blonde (in the nicest of ways) and glitters like Hedwig on stage. Yellow shimmies across this skein with smears of red lipstick and flakes of mascara. Trashy and tres chic! The deep blushing pinks, ruddy purples and burgundies in this yarn remind us of sweet little Ludovic from “Ma vie en rose,” a mesmerizingly beautiful tale of a boy who knows he is a girl. Who doesn’t want to live in Le monde de Pam?

Now, let's all cosy up to Bon Bon. “She was so glamorous that when she walked by she made everybody feel like they were in the movies.”Silvery grey and sprinkled with deep cotton candy pinks flits across this yarn, our tribute to Johnny Depp’s Bon Bon in “Before Night Falls.” His silver spangled rooster tail is echoed in the yarn’s threads of sterling silver. He got our hearts to skip a beat! Masculine and yet the epitome of feminine beauty!
We call this one Orlando after the character of the same name played by the inimitable Tilda Swinton. Olives, lodens and deep emeralds transmutate across our lightly glittering yarn. The result is rich and peerless like the doublet of this Elizabeth beauty. Eternally youthful greens call to mind his immortality and silver is there to hint at the beautiful and bold woman he will become.

“What about glitter? When I was a headliner in Paris, audiences always liked it when I sparkled.” Baby blues morph into pretty girl pinks on our lightly glittering silver yarn named for Ed “The world’s worst director” Wood’s first release, Glen or Glenda. We think this yarn asks more questions than it answers like who doesn’t want to see Johnny Depp in Angora? Glen or Glenda? Ed or Bunny? Blue or Pink? We love them both and know you will, too!

"I hereby christen this budget Barbie camper... Priscilla. Queen of the Desert!"Bright Barbie and cactus flower pinks slink across this skein inspired by one of our favorite movies. Bold and subtle colorations take turns on this yarn in a way sure to please Mitzi, Bernadette and Felicia! And like them, the subtle shine imparted by the silver looks gorgeous under the desert sun!

This one is called Breakfast on Pluto. Deeply decadent purples, berries and maroons swirl across this sparkling skein. It is fiercely feminine like Cillian Murphy’s (oh, those eyes!) IRA defeating, Chanel No. 5 wielding Kitten in the film adaptation of the novel. Perfect for breakfast anywhere!
You may be wondering what happened to the GothSocks. Well, we sold nearly all of them in less than 5 hours on Monday. Thank you, thank you! Your enthusiasm and support has blown us away. The only ones we have left are our most recent version of our VampyGoth and a new colorway we are calling CeltiGoth. Look closely and you can see how beautifully the colors change across the yarn.

Watch out for a couple more GothSocks and Pretty Boys due to be listed later this week!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Swag!

I just had to share a pic of these new sachets we made up. We aren't selling them (currently). They are just meant to be thank you gifts for your purchases. Aren't they cool? We printed them up individually on our Gocco printer after Rainy created the image of a girl in GothSocks. I say "Wow!" everytime I see them. Plus, they are lavendar/vanilla scented.