Thursday, July 22, 2010



This update will be unique in that I'm moving into my studio and have tons of sample dyed skeins that I've over dyed and DON'T WANNA MOVE!!!

It'll be a grab bag/mystery skein sale! What this means is this...I have Gothlings, GothSocks, Test dyed yarns, original fuwa fuwa base yarns etc. that will all be in 1 listing. All yarns regardless of the fiber content will be a flat rate of $25. This means some of you are going to score some GothSocks for cheaps...altho most skeins I have are merino based or bamboo, BFL or other wools Gothlings. I have some Gilded skeins in here as well. So if you're into getting surprise yarns in your mail box...this is the sale for you. Almost all yarns will be OOAK over dyed that will be labeled "Dark & Twisty". I cannot repeat these. You won't know what you're getting until you've gotten it :) Kinda fun right? PLEASE LIMIT YOUR PURCHASE TO 2 SKEINS PER CUSTOMER!!! (Since there aren't "colorways" this update I'm simply asking that you limit yourself to 2. If you do get 2 skeins I am not guaranteeing that both will be the same dye lot, colorway or even remotely match. Most are OOAK skeins!!!) Next update will be a regular GothSock update that will be after the first of the month (once club yarns are out the door)

In this update you will get whatever skeins I grab. And like I said...most are non repeatable! So if you like living on the edge and want a surprise then make sure to grab a skein!

Thanks everyone and tune in and THE SHOP at 10am on Wed. July 28th for the grab bag fun!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Colorways for July 10th Update at 11am PST!

The large batch of OMG will be…..drum roll….

Nana’s Tea Party!!!

I will also be doing smaller batches of these new colors:

Um from Umbridge (deep red stripe with a contrast white and black speckled stripe)
Mad as a Hatter (Bright orange stripe with a contrast blue,pink and purple stripe)
When Life Gives you Lemons(bright yellow stripe with a contrast white stripe)

The Nana’s Tea Party will be on the MCN base all others will be on the tighter twist 100% merino.

I will try to get some gothlings in here as well….not sure what colors yet. It all depends on whether or not I pass out from heat stroke. :)

(After all the update stuff is done I’m revamping my base yarn line names. It’s going to be soooo cool and really make a lot more sense for everyone instead of me always saying “tighter twist this” and “BFL that” or whatever. I’m working out the details and will be able to put all the finishing touches on it after the update and everyrthing is sent out. Trust me. You guys will like what I’ve come up with for base yarn names. I LOVE them so I think you all will too)

And please remember that this update is running a little different than the others and I am asking that you limit yourselves to 2 skeins of each colorway. This gives more people a chance to grab a skein. I will be refunding those that go over which will be a headache for all of us so PLEASE DON'T!!! I'm begging you guys :) Thanks!! And see you on Saturday at 11am PST!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Shop Update July 10th at 11am PST!

Hello everyone!! I'm here! I'm alive! I've been swallowed by yarn!! Not really :)

Just wanted to announce that I'll be doing the first of several shop updates on July 10th at 11am PST. It's a Saturday, so mark your calenders now!

I will be doing this update differently so that more people have the opportunity to grab a skein or 2.

I'll be doing a large listing of 1 colorway and then will have several others with fewer skeins. But with 40-50 skeins of 1 color should give more people a chance to get atleast 1 skein. I'm also going to be asking that you limit the amount of each colorway you can purchase to just 2 skeins each (you can buy multiple colorways...just not 4-5 skeins of each. If that makes any sense.Any questions feel free to email me!) I will do refunds and restock the store accordingly if more than 2 skeins of a colorway are purchased. This will be annoying for everyone involved so I'm asking upfront to please not buy more than your share of each color. :) Make sense? This way more people can have a chance but each of you can still buy more than 1 skein if you want to do bigger projects.

I'll announce in a day or so what the colorways in this update will be. I'll be doing another colorway about a week later...but i haven't worked out the exact date yet. I'll update you all in here when I do!

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to come by the SHOP on Saturday the 10th at 11am!!