Monday, November 23, 2009

GothSock Club Signups! - All filled up!

*THANKS EVERYONE FOR SIGNING UP! All links have been removed and the club is full. I am so excited for this club! We'll have lots of fun!!! Sorry for some of my billing mishaps I'm working on fixing them right now!*

It's time! Here is your sign up linkage and club details :)

First up let's just recap a little about this next club because it will be a little different than the other clubs I've run. I'm leaving inspiration open so it will be a surprise each month. I think this will be fun for both you and me. I already have lots of ideas for fun club yarns :)
Also, there will be club exclusive yarn bases. These will be exclusive for the 6 months I'm running the club. Once the club is over I may offer these in my regular shop updates. But until then you will be the only ones to have them!

I will also be doing more Gothlings and Not-a-Goths. It will be evenly spread out between regular black striped GothSocks, Not-a-Goth GothSocks (non-black like Sally's Smock) and Gothlings. These will be on some awesome base yarns such as superwash BFL and Seawool as well as my Pure merino and Luxe Cashmere. You will have a nice variety through out this club. I've also set up some amazing swag for you guys in this club! It'll be lots of fun.

Now for the nitty gritty of it all:This club will run for 6 month from January to June 2010.

I do try to get club yarns out the first week of the month. Somtimes this can't always happen because of family and kids. I will *always* keep you notified if I'm running behind.

I am doing 3 pricing options for this club and they will be recurring payment subscritions through PayPal or a one time pay in full option(you don't need a paypal account. You can sign up with just a credit card as well)

The first option is a 3 month payment plan as follows:

USA - $108 billed at sign up and again in 3 months.

CANADA & INTERNATIONAL- $114 at sign up and again in 3 months.

Once a month payment as follows:USA - $36 monthly payments.

CANADA & INTERNATIONAL - $38 monthly payments

And finally if you want to pay for the full club now:

USA- $216 billed once

and CANADA & INTERNATIONAL- $228 blled once

WA state residents please add 9.5% sales tax.

*IMPORTANT NOTICE* If you change your address anytime during the club or change your paypal information, email me directly. Paypal does not inform me of changes, only cancellations which can occur even when you are just changing your bank info. If you need me to mail your package to a different address, you must give me sufficient notice and email. If not, I will always send to the paypal address in your original subscription sign up. Thank you!*

So there you have it! I am really looking forward to this club! First shipments will start at the beginning of January.

Thanks so much for looking! I appreciate all the yarn love and can't wait to get started :)



AmyPinSeattle said...

Something weird is showing up for the single payment all at once.

The S&H shows up in Paypal as the same as the cost ($216.00).

I would much rather pay it all at once, but not for a total of $432.00.

I went ahead and choose the two payments option, but if you can fix it so I can go ahead and pay for it all at once, I'd much appreciate it!


a frog named purl said...

i did it! yaaaayyayayyayayay!

Rainy Days & Wooly Dogs said...

Amy, THanks so much for the notice on that problem and I had fixed it before too many people had been charged the double fee.