Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A week gone by...and shop updates!

Oh poor sad blog, you have not been forgotten!

We've been busy dyeing and making up things for you. Wooly handcarded some more yummy rolags that are in the shop right now. Check them out.


Is it wrong to want to eat wool? Because I totally want to eat these!!!

This is one of the most gorgeous yarns yet. I LOVE it. Wooly outdid herself with these. It is one in a series of 3. All have the same base colors but one charm color is different in each. I love them all for different reasons. You'll have to check back to see the other 2 soon :)


I've been working on some fun and whimsical orifice hooks.

Jack Skellington anyone?


Or perhaps Gir?


There are fairies on the way tomorrow and soon we'll be adding some of the softest rovings I've ever handled.

Check our shop out! There's more coming in the next few days!

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