Thursday, November 20, 2008

Of Fiber and Fairies

We have some of the softest fiber in the world in the shop right now. We bought some luxury fiber blends and had fun at the dye pots recently and have these beauties for you:

Murisake is a blend of 80/20 fine merino and cashmere.


This fiber will practically spin itself. It is so soft and squishey. It would make the best cowls of the season!

We also have San:


This is our 70/30 merino seacell blend. This is also supersoft and light as air. A true luxury! And it's even good for you too. Seacell fiber has calcium and minerals in it that will be absorbed by your skin as you wear it. You can't get any better than that!

We also added another gnome hook and for more whimsy, a dancing fairy!


Isn't she cute? She's dancing around in the lavender and bleeding hearts. We are really proud of this hook and hope it finds a home soon.

So check out our shop at Rainy Days & Wooly Dogs.

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