Wednesday, October 22, 2008



Just a had to post a pic of the orifice hook Rainy made for the store. Isn't it a beauty? All the art is done freehand. It just slays me! The design is called Henna Flowers. Every spinner needs a good orifice hook.

We have also posted another lot of rolags. It's over 6 ounces of our luscious Ram Brulee and a very gorgeous red hue I call Robert Red. It's like kissing Robert Smith!
Finally, we have some more soap in offer. We are still working on the label. Let us know what you think of our recent version. This is our Wool Wash soap, supercreamed with lanolin for washing your skeins and knitted items. It makes a great bath soap, too. This batch is scented with sweet orange and lavender. We love how sweetly it smells and lathers.

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