Monday, October 13, 2008

New Items Alert!

Hi! After an exciting weekend of dyeing we decided to post a few new items. We got some new yarns and new colorways we are excited to share with you

First, the very first installment of our Kira Kira yarn. Kira Kira is a blend of superwash wool, silk, nylon and silver. Yep, sterling silver is scattered through the yarn giving a marvelous shimmer. We love it! It is sock weight with nice drape and firm twist. One skein is enough for a very indulgent pair of socks. The colorway is called Melancholia. It is a pleasurably somber mix of blues, purples, greens, burgundys, with highlights of amber.

We also listed two of our Okii yarns. Okii is a very soft and sensuous superwash merino worsted weight yarn. The two colorways highlight one of our favorite methods of hand dyeing, something we call charm colors. We believe that beauty of all kinds is heightened by a touch of misbalance. We bring that notion to our dyeing by incorporating a little surprising spark of chromatic disharmony in our semi-solid yarns. Thus in the colorway below, olive's charms are elevated with kisses of burgundy. This colorway is called ARISTAEUS after the god of olives.

And in this lovely yarn pictured below, chocolate and malty browns are enlivened by a gorgeous sky blue. This one is called DOMINANT RECESSIVE, to match your beautiful eyes, whatever their color.

Finally, we put three more colorways of our buttery Rambouillet top. We love this top. Spinning it is like eating creme brulee. In fact, we are calling it Ram Brulee! We promise your eyes will roll back, your toes will curl and you will let out a little moan when you spin this sinfully soft stuff. Respectively, they are called "The Purple shall Govern," Blue Monday, and Big Time Sensuality.

Please let us know what you think.

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