Wednesday, December 8, 2010


GO check your emails!! The contest generator only let me pull one name (cuz I obviously don't know how to set the dang thing up correctly) but I used the list to use a random number generator for the rest of the club openings!

All club winners have been sent a lottery sign up email so go check and see if you were among the winners!

The winners are: (last names not listed for protection of privacy and names are as they were given in the contest machine)

Jenny M.
Minnie N.
Megan C.
Alicia V.
Terry F.
Rosemarie C
Cheryl D
Meagan W.

If you see your name listed above check your email (or spam filter) for winning lottery email with sign up info.

Thanks everyone for signing up for a change to win. Signups will happen again in another 3 months for more chances to get into the GothSocks club!

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