Thursday, September 16, 2010

Friday 17th Shop Update Colorways :

I’m also announcing new base names for yarns as well as the much awaited merino/nylon! The yarn base names are listed below the colorways included in this update! I’ll be posting in the other thread as well with all of my base yarns as well as all over the place over the next week so people know what I’m talking about :)

Colorways in this update are:


Imma Bitch in Laudanum base yarn
Going Postal in Asphodel base yarn
Ultimate Ginger (dark orange and light orange stripe) Strychnine base yarn
Don’t Blink ( Dark gray with light gray stripe) Strychnine base yarn
TARDIS (dark blue with light blue stripe) Strychnine base yarn

These are part of a line I’ve been pondering for a long time (not just all Doctor Who) self striping colors that are the same color family but one super saturated and the other a nice light color. (hope that makes sense!)


My Precious - Asphodel base
Ocean Deep - Asphodel base
Wicked - Asphodel base
Ember - Asphodel base


MCN fingering (OhMyGoth)- Laudanum
soft twist merino - Asphodel
merino/nylon - strychnine

I will be repeating the GothSocks in the next udpate as well and maybe a few more if I can warp them up in time.

Once we hit October I’ll be doing Halloween colorways with limited edition yarns and fun stuff!

Thanks for looking and tune in tomorrow at the SHOP at 11am PST.

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