Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Club Sign up News!


It's time to start getting ready for the next club sign ups! There are a few changes to the club so please make sure to read through everything first!

Things that will be changing in this next club are these:

1. I will be billing quarterly for the club and membership will now be perpetual for as long as you want to stay in. What this means is that the subscription to the club will be for as long as you want it. Payment will come out in full for each 3 month allotment. Payments will come out the same day as you signed up (First initial payment will come out when you sign up and then every third month until you unsubscribe)

What this does is make it much easier for me to keep track of paperwork, and it also alleviates the need to keep signing up for you guys. You can stay in as long as you like!

2. Each quarter will include the following - 1 Black Striped GothSock, 1 Non-Black Striped GothSock and 1 Gothling. Each quarter will include at least 1 luxury base yarn. Luxury bases are the OhMyGoth Cashmere or the Gilded with Silver. The other 2 months of each quarter will be an assortment of merino, BFL, or a surprise yarn base of my choosing. I will also be including swag from time to time but not every month. I want the emphasis to remain on the yarn itself.

3. The price will be $108 for US residents for each quarter, $110 for Canadian and $114 for International residents for each quarter.

This club will start July 2010 and run for as long as you want in!

Open Club Sign ups will happen here on the blog on Monday May 24th at 10am PST. There will be a link for a paypal subscription (for quarterly payments) there that will remain active for as long as there are spots available. As soon as the spots are full the links will be disabled. The next round of openings (if any) will happen again in August and every 3 months there after.

So make sure to check back here on Monday May 24th at 10am PST for you chance to get into the GothSock club!

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