Friday, April 16, 2010

Shop Update tomorrow at Noon PST

Okay….this update will have OhMyGoth in:

bruised ego
cake or death
business time
nana’s tea party

a few new ones in merino (which I’m sorry…I’ll have pics up tomorrow in the shop but not earler. Sorry!! I’m swamped today)

The White Queen
The Red Queen


next week will have a few additional Alice colorways (Cheshire Cat!! ) but I’ve ran out of time for this one.

and some different colorways as well ( I should have pics up next week for sure)

so there ya go. I also have some MCN lace that will peek in there as well :)

So I’ll see you all tomorrow at Noon PST!!!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

do you have plans to reproduce some alice skeins in future updates? oh please oh please don't say no! i dunno how i will continue to survive without cheshire cat! sorry to be so dramatic. it's just how i feeeeel. and no the caffeine has nothing to do with it!