Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Announcement about my Fuwa Fuwa base

Hi all! I need to make an announcement about my Fuwa Fuwa base which is the base yarn for GothSocks and Gothlings, and my semi solids.

I have been having some problems with it and I really do want to bring you the best quality yarn I can so…it is time to make a change.

I have a new base yarn that will replace the Fuwa Fuwa that is phenomenal. It has 435 yds per skein and it is simply gorgeous.

Now I know that you guys like the Fuwa Fuwa, I do too but this new yarn really is the bomb and is pretty flawless in comparison. Sure…it costs me a little more but I will not….I repeat NOT be raising prices on any of my yarns.

The new yarn base will be called “Pure” and will replace all the lines the Fuwa Fuwa was featured in. It has the same plump and tight twist. And best of all it is totally squishably soft (I think even more so than the Fuwa Fuwa) and is consistent and gorgeous.

I am confident that you guys are going to love it. Trust me. It’s truly beautiful.

So starting with this next shop update, all regular GothSocks will be on the Pure base and all Gothlings and semi-solids as well.

I will be selling the remaining Fuwa Fuwa semi solids/varigateds this week. So check in the shop for some good close out deals over this next week!

Thanks so much and I can’t wait for you guys to get some of the new stuff. It’s by far my favorite 100% merino sock yarn that I’ve dyed yet.

And don’t worry…I still have the MCN base and the Gilded base as well. Those will stay the same. No changes needed because they are beautiful all on their own :)

Thanks so much!

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Laura A said...

Hi sister! Sounds cool about the yarn switch. I hope it goes well.

I'd love to get together and catch up. We keep talking about it, aaaaand it's still not happened. What a year, huh? It's been nuts.

I do happen to have time tomorrow/Thursday if that works for you. La