Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another day, another Goth!

After fighting our way over mudslides, swimming across flooded streets, and crawling past crumbling driveways, we made it in to the dye studio this weekend. Hurray! The result of all our efforts are some dazzling GothSocks. We played with the saturation of some our old favorites and came up some new colorways to boot! Sorry but our pics are not up to their usual snuff. Something wonky about blogger's uploader today.

Please have a look at MommyGoth pictured below. It is a new colorway. In its Etsy listing we describe it thusly - "The color portion of this skein is a sweet mix of blues, pinks and yellows. And, while they sound like the tradional colors for babies, do not mistake these shades for sweet innocents. These hues are light but come on strong. A perfect choice for the Goth mom or mother-to-be. Forget-me-not blues blend with lemony yellows and blushing pinks to create accent shades of peach and lavender. Bright as a freshly pinched cheek!"

This is Nereid, a magickal mix of sea greens, blues and hints of kelpy green and gold. A little like Old Gregg's hair!

This is a new version of our Elegant Gothic Lolita. We lowered the intensity for this one, a subtle harmony of lilacs, lavenders, and berry pinks. Is that a hint of wisteria blossoms in the air?

This is our most recent version of DitzyGoth. This one is more intense than usual and we LOVE the results. It is an even dizzier rainbow of purple, turquoise, green, red and pink.Next, have a look at the latest release of Steampunk. We dialed up the color again and got an even more sophisticated orchestration of olive, rust, steel gray and deep green.

Wouldn't be a dye day without a MopeyGoth! This is a revamp of one of our originals. Softer and moodier in tones of smoky purple and heather. Perfect for visiting Whitby Abbey in the rain.

Finally, we are hosting the return of the Madam of the Midway, our Gypsygoth! Purpley magentas, creamy sandalwoods, and lighter maroons remind us of the fortune teller's tent at your favorite carnival. No cameras! No knives! No holy water!

We are cooking up plans for a fiber and a yarn club in the near future. Should we start a mailing list?

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Anonymous said...

MommyGoth and Steampunk are gorgeous. Definitely on my wishlist. -Suzanne